Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wish I'd Caught This Earlier!

A beautiful giveaway that is sadly just hours away, so hopefully I can push a few more people in the direction of it for more competition...

The giveaway is a beautiful set of hand stamped and handmade stationary, you really should take a look and do such a simple thing as posting about your favorite item! It'll get you an entry of course. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


This lady here is giving away a Press Kit, very beautiful and unique...Take a look at it and pass word along, you might get a chance to win!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Review of ArtfulGoodies at

Review of Etsy store for ArtfulGoodies at:

Pendants, earrings, necklaces…most of which are made using glazed scrabble pieces and stamps!

**The Jewelry**

-I am loving the concept use for the scrabble tiles. I used to play this game with my mother whenever we had time available…It was a good memory! Now these pieces are great, clean and well put together. I’d be proud to wear something from this store. (And one day, I hope I shall!)

-The color and creativity is so nice, the photos don’t seem repetitive even though the same thing is basically used over and over. These pictures give a great preview of the piece that is available for purchase.

-Chains come with the purchase of a pendant and measurements are given!

-This one has got to be my absolute favorite, because on the back of the gorgeous pictures on the tiles, there is the word spelled: G-A-R-D-E-N.


-The prices are great, same with S&H costs, clear photography displaying the pieces and of course, the items are creative and fun to look at.


-Maybe incorporating a scrabble piece into a small ring or even a keychain charm with a few mixed beads would be a nice addition to the store.

-I noticed also that most of the charms are hung so they are in a square form, maybe rotating them slightly and hanging them from one of the corners so it hangs in a diamond form. That adds a little more variety without doing a whole lot more.

Review of DirtyGirlSoaps on

Review of Etsy store for DirtyGirlSoaps at:

Lip balm, conditioner and soap. 1oz. mini bar samples, body butter.

**The Soaps**

-Ingrediants are listed! This is the best and most important

-These soaps are nice because they have little details of swirls, chunks of stuff and 'whipped topping' on them to give them a bit extra without needing too much. I also adore the fact that some of these are two tone and the colors are so gentle.

-Nice sized list of scents and types of soap. I'd feel overwhelmed, but there are fortunately sampler bars of soap that you can buy and try without commiting to a whole bar.

-Some soap photos are a little plain, but the random fruit keeps it a little more interesting.

-And look at the tiny little ladybug in the picture in the link. I'm not sure if that was deliberate or not, but it is kind of cute!

-I personally think that the watermellon would be great if it could somehow be made into watermellon slice shapes. Same goes with other round citrus scents. If necessary to cut anything off to create that shape, then use the cut off portions (if large enough) in soap sampling packages.


**The Body Butters, Lip Balms and Conditioners**

-If I bought multiple things of the body butter or conditioner, not sure if I could tell the difference between them other than by smelling them. From images, can't see if the labels list the specific smell/type. The smells do seem to be interesting though! Maybe on the Body Butter pictures an icon of what the smell is supposed to be could be placed in the lower corner (a tiny slice of watermellon for the watermellon smell, or a cotton candy cone for get the idea. :D), Pictures are definately important for buying because if people see the same picture over and over, they scroll faster over that product because they think it's the same thing/scent. I know I do it.


-I am loving the packaging design, the image is very pretty and it is still simple.
-Nice large selection of scents and product types. Not sure if I could come up with too many suggestions for scents...all these are so nice sounding!
-$5 S&H on up to 6 bars of soap. Prices aren't too bad either for the variety that is available.
I'd suggest this to a few friends who I know would love to get their hands on some of these scents! I'd buy as well.
-May need a little color coding or an icon on the label/in the pictures.
-A body butter sampler, like with the soap, might be a nice thing as well.

-Bath bombs, fizzies or salts may be something that I'd be interested in seeing in this store as well.
-Round fruits like Watermellon and Oranges (the soaps with similar scents) could be shaped into triangle portions and any shaved/cut off remainders could be applied towards a sampler packet.
-More accessories to go with the soaps? Wash cloths, loofahs?

Review of SofyasWords at

Review of Etsy store for Sofya's Words at:

This store carries cold process soap, crochet baggies for the soap, greeting cards and caligraphy.

**The Soaps**

-My favorites would be (from pictures and descriptions alone): Earth Flower, Orange Spice and Lemon soaps. They all are presented nicely and look like they would smell so wonderful.

-Ingrediants are clearly listed and the seller does not use fragrance oils unless requested. So these scents will be natural! Soaps are made in small batches and are PH tested.

-And yes, there is espesso soap for those of you who hate the crack of dawn:

**The Cards**

Very nicely put together, nothing seems off and they are unique. I especially love the one with B&W and the pink colored boarder. The contrast draws your eye to it.

-It's simple caligraphy, but the text is almost perfect and it must have taken a very steady hand and a lot of patience to write out some of those poems without mistake.

-This one has so much truth, I should know: The added details of the kitty paws all over the place just put the image together wonderfully!


Willing to do custom orders, which is always nice.

Prices are very, -very- reasonable. Nothing in the store seems too expensive for what the product is.

Pictures are nice, especially on the soaps! They definately have the handmade look, which always makes a regular bar of soap more interesting. A few pictures though, (like the Sage Lime, for example) could do with a little more to the presentation. The best pictures were the ones with the little slice of lemon, burst of color from the pink flower, etc. Most of the pictures are great and do make me want to buy the product!

Is environmentally friendly, does not include packaging unless requested, but will include a tag to identify the scent of the soap. This is always nice and every little bit does help!

:( Can't tell what the avatar is about.


I'd buy from this store when my current soap supply runs out. :D

LeatherStuff on Etsy

Etsy Store:

Take a look at this store here, it's got handmade leather bags! They all look so nice and professional and well built. I personally think the prices in the store are totally worth the purchase. I know I bought a leather bag in a store a month ago for a similar price and I -know- for sure that thing wasn't made to quality. It fell apart. :( But at least you know that when it's handmade it's got to be better quality.

So, take a look! What's the worst that could happen?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Gorgeous Giveaways!

I just want to say hello and my name is Malina. Welcome aboard to my first official blog. Odd huh that I took so long to actually start one up. It's about time! I'll give more information out as I go...but for a hint about what I do, visit my Etsy store at is having a giveaway on a real cute pair of earrings...take a look at her jewelry pieces as well...they're beautiful! I'm hoping to win go ahead and call me greedy. :D