Thursday, June 25, 2009

Review of SofyasWords at

Review of Etsy store for Sofya's Words at:

This store carries cold process soap, crochet baggies for the soap, greeting cards and caligraphy.

**The Soaps**

-My favorites would be (from pictures and descriptions alone): Earth Flower, Orange Spice and Lemon soaps. They all are presented nicely and look like they would smell so wonderful.

-Ingrediants are clearly listed and the seller does not use fragrance oils unless requested. So these scents will be natural! Soaps are made in small batches and are PH tested.

-And yes, there is espesso soap for those of you who hate the crack of dawn:

**The Cards**

Very nicely put together, nothing seems off and they are unique. I especially love the one with B&W and the pink colored boarder. The contrast draws your eye to it.

-It's simple caligraphy, but the text is almost perfect and it must have taken a very steady hand and a lot of patience to write out some of those poems without mistake.

-This one has so much truth, I should know: The added details of the kitty paws all over the place just put the image together wonderfully!


Willing to do custom orders, which is always nice.

Prices are very, -very- reasonable. Nothing in the store seems too expensive for what the product is.

Pictures are nice, especially on the soaps! They definately have the handmade look, which always makes a regular bar of soap more interesting. A few pictures though, (like the Sage Lime, for example) could do with a little more to the presentation. The best pictures were the ones with the little slice of lemon, burst of color from the pink flower, etc. Most of the pictures are great and do make me want to buy the product!

Is environmentally friendly, does not include packaging unless requested, but will include a tag to identify the scent of the soap. This is always nice and every little bit does help!

:( Can't tell what the avatar is about.


I'd buy from this store when my current soap supply runs out. :D

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