Thursday, June 25, 2009

Review of ArtfulGoodies at

Review of Etsy store for ArtfulGoodies at:

Pendants, earrings, necklaces…most of which are made using glazed scrabble pieces and stamps!

**The Jewelry**

-I am loving the concept use for the scrabble tiles. I used to play this game with my mother whenever we had time available…It was a good memory! Now these pieces are great, clean and well put together. I’d be proud to wear something from this store. (And one day, I hope I shall!)

-The color and creativity is so nice, the photos don’t seem repetitive even though the same thing is basically used over and over. These pictures give a great preview of the piece that is available for purchase.

-Chains come with the purchase of a pendant and measurements are given!

-This one has got to be my absolute favorite, because on the back of the gorgeous pictures on the tiles, there is the word spelled: G-A-R-D-E-N.


-The prices are great, same with S&H costs, clear photography displaying the pieces and of course, the items are creative and fun to look at.


-Maybe incorporating a scrabble piece into a small ring or even a keychain charm with a few mixed beads would be a nice addition to the store.

-I noticed also that most of the charms are hung so they are in a square form, maybe rotating them slightly and hanging them from one of the corners so it hangs in a diamond form. That adds a little more variety without doing a whole lot more.

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